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Shree Morbi Panjrapole Trust

Shree Morbi Panjrapole Trust is a well-known pilgrimage place where we worship cows. Worshipping cows, feeding them, and being with them brings tons of positive energy. We are determined to make our cows happy and loved by providing the highest protection, care and natural living. God Shree Krishan wishes "Let the cows be in front of me, on my either side, behind me. I will always be in the middle of cows.” in the dasama skanda (10th Canto) of Srimad Bhagavatham.

Our facility is in the centre of the city and very well connected by roads. Animal lovers from across morbi routinely bring in injured and distressed strays to our hospital. Similarly, we receive a variety of wild birds and small mammals at our rehabilitation centre.

Shree Morbi Panjrapole Trust is a non-profit organization based in India and the United States. Donations to Shree Morbi Panjrapole Trust is 100% exempt from income tax under section 80 G of IT act 1961. Notification No. 11492 F. No. NC-73/2000


Shree Morbi Panjrapole Trust

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Every life is precious. If we, humans consider ourselves as superior specie it requires us to be more humane and compassionate towards all the creatures around us as they feel the same pain, hunger and thirst as we do. With this empathetic vision and belief, Shree Morbi Panjrapol Trust commenced its journey in the world of animals , nature and water resistant in the year 1747. We absolutely dedicate our existence in the service of innocent birds and animals that often stay neglected for good healthcare, better living conditions, love and kindness they deserve. Shree Morbi Panjrapol Trust humbly endeavors to become the voice of these voiceless creatures and provide them rehabilitation, medical treatment and care.

"God loved birds and created trees; we loved birds and built cages." Since then it's leading natural place around the city of Morbi with the best in class facilities for animals and birds.

Our Mission, Vision & Value

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It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. We're all on our own mission—to live life to the fullest, make a difference in the world and help others.


We accepting animals which are abandoned by their owner also accepting animal and organization accept animals 24x7 / 365 days continuously without any hesitation.


We're committed to creating an environment that's healthy and beautiful, providing a place for you to connect with nature.


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Save Trees, Save Animals, Save Birds, Save Water, Pure Air

The positive point of planting more and more trees is to reduce pollution. It not only helps human beings to survive but also provides the animals to live a healthy and safe life.