Our History


Shree Morbi Panjrapole Trust

Shree Morbi Panjrapole Trust established in 1803 by Shree Thakor Jiyajiraj . In the year 1996 there was a Drought (Duskal) and at that time Maharaja Shree Lakhdhir Saheb had helped a lot . He provided financial back up to the Trust as well provided shelters to animal and cattle fed also. He personally presented over there and observe the activity . He had also starts public partnership in the trust and collected a lot amount for Trust and due to this Trust is able cross such a difficult time and finally survived.

Mota bapushree and Maharaja Shree Mahendrasingh Ji had taken care of the Trust during their ruling time.

In the year 1948 all states of kathivad converted in to one state and in 1949 collection of local octroi Terminal Tax given to Municipality as on 01/04/1950, and simultaneously related collection of Trust is also disturbed and once again SMPT has no source of fund but with help of Municipality, local authorities , Association of Business and other like body had decided to continue the collection of fund for SMPT. Due to this decision SMPT receives amount from municipality and due to this SMPT is in position to function its objective .

As on 02/10/1950 meeting was conducted and headed by Shree Vikranchand Amrutlalbhai agenda of the meeting was to give a legal form to SMPT and form a Trust which can purchase properties, take loan and fulfil its objective. For this two more persons advice is taken i.e Advocate Shree Ramnikbhai Jayshankarbhai Daftari and Shree Harishankarbhai . Finally 23/01/1955 At Rafadeswar meeting was conducted and decision about formation of Trust was taken and formation is also done by Advocate Shree Ramnikbhai Jayshankarbhai Daftari and Shree Harishankarbhai. As on 18/04/1955 Trust got registered with proper Government authority.

For this Trust Sheth Sri Vikramchandbhai Amrutlalbhai , Rulling authority of Thakur saheb , Sheth Saheb and all ancestral of Sheth Saheb had given a lot to the trust.

Sr. No. Name of the Property Lekh No. Date
1 Lakhdhirgadh Building 88 23/02/1928
2 New Panjlapore 196 &255 26/01/1947 & 12/04/1944
3 Soni Bajar Shop & Hanuman Shop 3729 01/12/1986
4 Makansar Area 3 12/10/1932
5 Kumbharvada House 225 04/09/1941
6 Morbi Panjaraploe Farm 14 11/11/1948
7 Rafaleshwar Panjalapore Farm & Plot 11 22/11/1947
8 Rafadeswar Vidi
9 Mochi Street 17 14/07/1896


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The positive point of planting more and more trees is to reduce pollution. It not only helps human beings to survive but also provides the animals to live a healthy and safe life.