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Mega Plantation 1,00,000 Trees

This Pandemic has obvious casualties that are shown by the media and newspapers all around the world, but also many unheard casualties of suffering which unfortunately no one wishes to pay any attention to. These include those voiceless creatures roaming on the streets and completely relying upon the leftover food thrown by humans. We are talking about dogs and cows. Like many other countries, dogs and cows in our country are sleeping with an empty stomach and no hope. They endlessly keep waiting for your little bit of concern, love and care that you show through food. But in these difficult times when it is becoming difficult for us humans to manage the regular needs, how a speechless animal can manage its food??? And though many are enjoying lockdowns like a party with food and frolic, we fail to show even the slightest compassion to them. Human neglect and many times helplessness are creating a major issue for their survival as dogs and cows are the only creature that never hunts for their prey and as a result, they are completely dependent on the humans for food.

Now it is more than a month that we are in a complete lockdown due to COVID 19 outbreak, which of course is killing thousands of people worldwide, but there is a silent catastrophe happening around us where stray dogs and cows which are solely depended on us for their food are being neglected due to this chaos. The whole world is extremely scared right now and busy in stocking up essential items as all the shops, education institutes, offices, markets, malls, and all other establishments are closed. Luckily pets are taken good care even in the lockdown but, poor stray dogs and cowsare orphaned outside where no human is going to take care of them. Since this lockdown, there are uncountable causalities of these poor animals, but we are unable to help them.

All the challenges which we are facing are unprecedented and as saying goes that ‘when going gets tough, tough gets going’ but for the survival of our best friends, we have to pull out all stops that are possible and do our best. At SHREE MORBI PANJRAPOLE TRUST we are doing our bit and request all concerned people to do your bit. Canines are the only thing on the earth that loves you more than you love yourself and it’s been our best friends since the beginning of the time. The joy and love they have been giving us, it is our duty to do our best for their survival.



Save Trees, Save Animals, Save Birds, Save Water, Pure Air

The positive point of planting more and more trees is to reduce pollution. It not only helps human beings to survive but also provides the animals to live a healthy and safe life.